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The #1 Crazy Crates Skyblock Config on the Market!

  1. Projecki
    Hello MCS! Today I'm selling my High Quality Crazy Crates config and crates for skyblock servers! This configuration comes with three crates: Vote, Rare, and Legendary. Vote and Rare crates open instantly, but the Legendary Crate puts you in the center of a platform with 4 different chests to open (similar to Mineplex)! The prizes are fair and balanced. This configuration is perfect for the skyblock server that would like to reward their players for voting in a very cool way, and for skyblock servers that want to sell crate keys to their players so that the community can win awesome rewards!


    Balanced Prizes
    Ability to win the key of the higher crate
    Fireworks when crate is opened
    Notify entire server when someone is opening a Legendary Crate (configurable)
    High Quality, looks nice with any theme
    Customizable for your server

    Holograms not included, plugin used is HolographicDisplays
    You don't have to use the glass or have it setup like I did, you can use any blocks for crates with Crazy Crates.
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